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Aerosmith is not metal.

Tool was my music of choice today, Sober would have been most appropriate.

I don't know what all the arguing was about tonight, but I'm sure alcohol was a contributing factor.

My son had to talk with his adviser today, it was painful to listen to, he is so shy. I wanted to grab the phone out of his hand and just get it over with. After the call was over he was so upset he felt like he was going to throw up. He wants to take all online classes and it is coming to a point where he is going to have to go on campus. He also needs to do an internship and he doesn't want to do that.
He should graduate next spring, and I think he has to take a few summer classes. He only needs 24 credits to graduate, but he needs 27 credits in 300 level or above. He tried to sign up for two summer classes and he doesn't have the prerequisite for one of them, and the other I think he needs permission from the professor to take the class. I should have put the phone on speaker because he is not good at taking notes or remembering what was said.
It would be a lot easier to go sit in the adviser's office and look at everything together, however, his adviser is in Frostburg. You'd think they'd have somebody down here.

Glad you and Nelson are okay Red.

Has anybody heard from Juliet?