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Is it Possible To Disguise Yourself From A Person Who Knows You Well?

Does anyone think it's possible for one to disguise one's self so that a person, who knows you well, wouldn't recognize you during an interaction? And would it also be possible to have multiple interactions over a sustained period of time with this person without them ever knowing who you really are?

To answer this question, we need to address a few things.

"Someone who knows you well" is subjective. What would you consider someone knowing you well? Someone you've known for 6 months, years, etc. What if you stopped seeing this person for a few months, would they still be able to recognize you if you had a well enough disguise?

I realize that alot would be invovled in making this happen, you would have to change your voice, demeanor, gait, movement, etc to really pull something like this off.

But if you cant change your facial appearance, then all of that doesn't really matter. How effective would something like a facial prosthetic like a nose or a chin be in disguising yourself?

Think Mrs Doubtfire. That exact scenario, I realize it's a movie. But it describes exactly what I'm talking about.