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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
So. Due purely to historical accident more than 200 years in the past, the individual voters in Rhode Island should have FAR more power in U.S. national politics than the voters of San Francisco. Because ____________. Got it.

Cancel my subscription, if I haven't already. I left the because empty so as not to put words in your mouth. Has there been an intelligible 'Because' in the thread?
Yes there has. History matters. That’s why France has a permanent spot on the UN Security Council and every other country with 4 exceptions does not. History matters. That’s why Canada has all that land and so little people. How’s that fair? Let’s split the world’s land up proportionately.

Look up the EU. If it doesn’t collapse at some point they will want more central power. You think they will get buy in from the smaller countries if no concessions are made? You think the smaller countries are going to be thrilled once the deal is made Germany reneges?