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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
. . . This is us building the case for changing that agreement. Making a counter case to that proposal is fine, but just repeating over and over again that that was the agreement made well over 200 years ago is rather pointless, and is really not relevant to the argument.
But, so far, the only reason you and others are giving to change that agreement is that the Senate doesn't represent the people of the US fairly. And myself, and others, keep pointing out that it was never designed to represent the people. That's the House's job.

You keep saying that the Senate gives unfair advantage to certain members, and is therefore broken and should be fixed or changed. And we keep saying that it's only an unfair advantage from one perspective and it's not the perspective that the Senate was devised to respond to. It's not a bug, it's a feature.

And besides, it's the responsibility of those who advocate for change to make the case that that change is needed. The rest of us can sit back and say "it is what it is, and it has been since the beginning, and has worked (for the most part)!