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If one wants (or needs) to be particularly price-conscious when you're shopping, Walmart, and that's your primary (or only) concern, Walmart may be a sensible choice. And, as Beckdawrek notes, in many, more rural areas of the U.S., Walmart may be among your only choices for a brick-and-mortar retailer.

That said, I've worked for several companies which supply products to Walmart, and had several more of such companies as clients. Walmart is, to be polite, an exceptionally challenging business partner for their suppliers -- they use strongarm tactics to force their suppliers to lower their prices to Walmart, relying on the fact that they are, by far, the biggest retailer in the U.S. In many categories, if your products aren't available at Walmart, you've instantly lost 40% or more of your U.S. sales.

Similarly, Walmart has regularly been criticized for its labor practices (which, again, seem to mostly be carried out in the name of cutting costs).