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Originally Posted by Riemann View Post
The most likely explanation is the huge nationwide backlog of forensic DNA samples.

As for other possible factors - there would be no problem getting a sample from the body, but they don't say what it's being compared to. It sounds like there's a son. It's possible that they have tested and it's a case of non-paternity, and they can't talk about that.
The theme from the article was "we just get so many more samples now, we can't keep up." The numbers went from 242,000 submitted samples in 2011 to 308,000 in 2017. Um, so like a 27% increase over 6 years? That doesn't sound like crazy exponential growth that just can't be kept up with...unless there is lack of funding (or mismanagement).

So it sounds like it is just not a priority to the people controlling the money.