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Originally Posted by peccavi View Post
Nobody talks about a "fully loaded" Mercedes (or just about any other top end luxury vehicle). Everything is engineered in from the start. It makes a difference.
Sorry, I had to laugh at this a little. Try going here (Porsche configurator) and prepare to be horrified.

I don't want to go all "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" here but I do think there can be a very noticeable difference in quality between a Mercedes/BMW and lower end cars. If you don't get a certain satisfaction from feeling the solid "thud" of a Mercedes door closing versus the tinny feeling of a Kia, then that just means you're not looking for such things (which is absolutely fine). Some people appreciate clothes, some appreciate wine, others appreciate cars and probably pay closer attention to the differences between them.

Many years ago, I hated BMWs, not because I had ever driven one but because of the image of the yuppie scum cruising around like he owned the road. But then I noticed something in every magazine article I ever read. Whenever they road tested a Mustang or Nissan, they would always say something akin to "The handling is fantastic. I mean it's not quite as good as a BMW but it's really, really good." Finally, I went out and test drove a BMW just to see if it was better than anything else. Most car dealerships will take you on a very specific set of roads that are flat, smooth and well maintained while talking your ear off to keep you from noticing any problems. The BMW dealer just put me in the car and said "Go to it!". It really did handle better than any other car I had driven. Hit a bump? The car doesn't even get fazed. Take a corner a little too fast? It lets you feel exactly how much grip the tires have. I ended up driving BMWs for 20 years and they honestly saved my life once when another car ran a red light and I had to swerve around it to avoid a full speed collision.

I certainly don't mind that some people don't appreciate a nice car the same way I hope they don't mind me wearing sneakers and a T-shirt. But some of us do.