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Originally Posted by drm View Post
2 years from now the fact that they beat Giannis and Embiid to get there may come out. Sure GSW wasn’t 100%, but on the whole, they beat some good teams to win it all.
I won't deny that they did beat some good teams on their way up, but Toronto was starting to tense up a little and I wonder what would have happened if they had faced GSW at full strength. Facing Philadelphia and Milwaukee on their way up is not the same as facing a team that's played together and won championships in three out of the previous four seasons (and probably would have won a 4th had Draymond Green's head not exploded).

I'm not saying that to trash Toronto - I was actually pulling for them to win. But as a casual sports fan and observer/commentator, it needs to be said that Toronto at full strength beat a Warriors team that was hobbled with injuries. It happens. As a sports fan, some of my team's winners have benefited from injuries.