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Not an actual "movie" movie but funny and interesting none-the-less.

Bathtubs Over Broadway.

A documentary featuring Steve Young, long time writer for Letterman. He was in charge of rounding up the music for the "Dave's Music Collection" bit. Stuff like Shatner singing, stereo test records, etc. But he started coming upon albums of music for corporate shows. Put on for the benefit of sales folk, distributers, etc. Some of them quite complex with Broadway quality music and production. Some cost millions of dollars to put back in the 60s.

And wow, these are just ... weird. Ballads to bathrooms and tractors.

Young's journey is interesting. Starting from making fun of them to being in love with them to obsession.

Has appearances by performers and writers, fellow collectors, etc.

Shows nice things like his last days on the Late Show. What do you do if you haven't had to search for work in 25 years?

A good source of trivia like "Name a film that has Florence Henderson and Jello Biafra in it."

One odd thing: Near the end Young "discovers" that there are still a few industrial musicals being made. Why didn't he know this all along?

Give it 3.5 plungers.