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Originally Posted by kaylasdad99 View Post
Possibly, there has been some unintended but nonetheless mistaken interpreting and extrapolating going on in the exchanges between the two of you (for which it is not reasonable to assign fault to a single participant).
This interjection seems to hit the mark pretty precisely, guys.

HMS Irruncible, regardless of how Republicans are likely to spin Mueller's repetition of information already contained in his report as "old news" the point is that the obstruction and the coordination/cooperation with Russian efforts detailed in that report actually will be news to many Americans when they hear it from Mueller himself. Maybe it changes public opinion, maybe it doesn't, but the reasoning behind calling Mueller to testify is pretty solid.

Fear Itself, doubting the effectiveness of a tactic based on the expected GOP counters to that tactic is not the same as doubting the general effectiveness of forceful speech and/or unabashed truth telling, nor does that doubt necessarily imply passivity or conciliatory rhetoric as a strategy. 'Irruncible may indeed want to make that argument (what do I know?), but it doesn't really seem that they have at this point.

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