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Originally Posted by StarvingButStrong View Post
What hit me first was that Scircoli insisted on 'helping' the volunteer put on the mask, and you saw him apparently adjusting something behind the volunteer's right ear. It was a simple shell mask with an elastic string, there could be no legitimate need for help, so I assumed at that point he was sticking some sort of speaker to that bone right behind the flap of the ear. And from then on, the volunteer became a willing stooge and followed the orders someone radioed into the speaker.

IOW, Penn was right on with his bone 'conduction' hint. I didn't see anything else that needed explaining -- all he did was point dramatically at the volunteers body and physically move the mannequin. I guess there must have been.

At least, would the judge let a magician get away with saying 'there were two more tricks' if there weren't?
I'm a little surprised that they'd allow a "willing stooge" trick given their disdain for stooges. But I don't see any other way that it could be done.
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