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Originally Posted by cluck View Post
Anna Deguzman - talented cardistry magic. I'm not sure what Penn was alluding to when he talked about her having a good memory (memorizing the deck?), but I thought the six of hearts was a straightforward force. She clearly juggled the cards in her hands, I'm just not sure how she could have counted down 24 cards in the untouched deck.
I've been watching Chris Ramsay's channel (mostly for his puzzle content) and seen him try to do some spontaneous cardistry, usually failing to do anything. I get the sense that a lot of YouTube cardistry is the same as this:

Which is to say editing + sufficient skill and planning to allow one to succeed once before dying of boredom. Visually impressive, when viewed in a video, but less impressive if you were sitting in the same room.

As-is, we still see her flub a few moves but nothing that she can't return from. I'd vote that it was pretty damn amazing to have done so well, live, in front of her heroes.

I don't know what the technical name is of the move where you slide your finger down the side of a deck, to allow someone to pick a card from it, so I'll just call it a "scan" for the purposes of this spoiler.

If you step through the video on YouTube, you can see a line down the side of the deck as she scans, like she has slipped a finger into the bottom of the deck at that position or inserted something at that point. When Penn calls "stop" that divide ends up being the place at which the stops, perfectly. She must be slow-rolling and skips forward to the punchline when he calls stop. (He's been kind enough to call stop within a reasonable amount of time, like a common sucker, rather than being a prick magician trying to screw her up.)

Basically, she has memorized the order of the deck (both decks start in the same order). Once Allison calls the number, she uses her memory to recall what's at position 24 in the deck, originally. She then finds that card in the deck and moves it to maybe 3/4ths the way through the deck, does the false scan, and she's completely set from that point forward.

My guess would be that she was supposed to show the card twice, but her perfect shuffles and cardistry weren't quite perfect and the other 6 of hearts didn't end up in the right place (probably one or two cards away from the 24th slot).

All of which is to say, she forced Penn to pick the card at the 24th spot in Teller's deck.