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MotW: Dirty God. (Warning: Again the IMDb page has spoilers.)

A woman is released from hospital after suffering a horrific injury. She then tries to put her life somewhat back together. There's her daughter, her problematic mother, a friend and her friend's boyfriend, a new friend from work, etc.

A classic tale of a person who innately knows how to make bad decisions.

Note that it drifts at time into the issue of a young, disfigured, woman trying to get fulfilled in the sex department. Some hard-R stuff.

So, pretty much a downer but there's some interesting aspects to it. In particular, the star Vicky Knight has only this credit on IMDb. (The rest barely have any either.) Here's the reason:

She was horribly burned at age 8. That's not makeup.

I'd say her performance is worthy of award consideration.

Give it 3.5 headsets.