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Re: Episode 6: The tactile trick. There may be some obviousity as to the fact that the magician is clearly doing some hand work behind the back of the box, but that should not be enough to say out loud to consider P&T fooled. What is he doing? Where are the props going or coming from?

Someone suggested maybe a shelf pops out when the front i in place. There's no space for a shelf with any items to be hidden that we can see, but more importantly, if the sponge was on a high shelf, Allison would have noticed the box was super shallow all of a sudden and that is a risk the volunteer will say something.

The cactus was far too big to allow for something to it on top. And there is no obvious room for grapes in the wine glass - they've have to be tiny grapes and Allison would still have felt the glass if it were originally in there.

As for the lego trick, an index seems the most logical, and a gap to slip the card in, but there's still no hard evidence of it that we can observe other than the logic of "somehow he MUST have got the card in there." - the alarm could have been circumvented a few ways, but it got me thinking about those plastic pull-tab strips you can insert between the battery and the contact when something is newly bought, and he could easily have pulled such a slip out after rigging the box. IF he needed to get the lid open to plant the card.