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Originally Posted by Sage Rat View Post
1) The items are not on the shelf when it is folded up.
2) Her ability to examine and think about the depth of the box is an assumption on your part. She mostly stands next to it, she's busy interacting with the magician and hosting a show, and her forearm never goes further than halfway in.

As a matter of fact, Allison DOES reach all the way in - on the first reach when the box is empty, her finger tips are basically to the bottom of the box and she has more forearm room to reach if she wanted.

That said, I will grant you that when reaching in on the sponge, she does NOT seem to be reaching in nearly as far. So perhaps there is a shelf or at least something on top of the rock.

It does seem to me though that it would be very risky for the magician to do this trick repeatedly and necessarily rely on the belief that no volunteer will notice the height difference.

If there IS a shelf, it doesn't seem automated with the front shield, because he removes the front shield on that first reach-in while her arm is still inside. It's far from a clear shot, but the overhead shot doesn't SEEM to show anything other than the front over in a channel. No mechanisms near the channel are obvious. He does wait for her to remove her arm before placing the screen after the initial demonstration. But he doesn't seem to fiddle with anything obvious or do anything suspicious that would seem like operating a shelf.

In the moment after Allison feels the sponge, he hovers his left hand behind the bottom of the box. He doesn't step near the base to operating anything by foot.

There are two metal prongs on the table visible when he picks the box up - which could just be for alignment to keep the thing facing forward or otherwise from moving, but could possibly be functional in some way.

I just noticed something - it appears they may have refilmed this or used a shot from rehearsal because when discussing the teddy bear, from the front and magician-side angle, she seems to reach fairly shallow and with her elbow at a right angle whereas from allison-side camera, she has almost her full forearm in the box up to the elbow.

Similarly, when she reaches for the grapes it does look a bit shallow, but then from allison-side, she is again reaching very deeply - am I being misled by the angle? I don't think so. It's not a take from another part of the trick because in both instances there is a direct reference (something about the bear is spoken, and in this case, the hypnogrape wheel is visible).

Very odd; but he's clearly working some quick hand-work behind the box every time there's a switch - there are some very deliberate moves around the brush to cactus switch.

Upon review, from the main two angles, the depth of her arm could suggest she isn't reaching down very far. It just seems like the trick then relies on the audience member being naive or not saying anything, because I would certainly expect that I'd notice having to reach all the way to my elbow and then barely having to reach in at all the next time.

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