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Originally Posted by Eonwe View Post
...It's all pdfs (though image files also work), and I use the app forScore to access it all...
THIS is what I was looking for. (That must be the app Lincoln used, right? )

I'll also add that, aside from re-learning how to page turn, another way in which I'm stuck in the paper world is making notes . . . apps like forScore let you make annotations and display or hide them . . . it's super powerful. But, it adds processing overhead, and I distrust anything that makes the computer work harder at loading and displaying music. And, I can be much more precise, legible, and quick with a pencil on paper than a stylus on my iPad.
Definitely this. I sing in two choirs, and I make myself notes ALL OVER my music. This would be a real drawback. I guess if you scan your own copy and it has pencil notations... but then you can't add to them.
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