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Anywhere in NJ, eh?

You can try my town, Montclair NJ, lots of nice places here. All in the same walkable area we have:

Dai Kichi - The most popular Sushi restaurant in town
Turtle and the Wolf - New American Bistro, pricey
Takara Asian Bistro - More Sushi, but across the street
TS MA - Classy Chinese fare
DeNovo European Pub - I think this is some sort of new European Pub
Toros Turkish Cuisine - natch
SLA Thai
Toro Sushi - yet more sushi
Brick Lane Curry - a little down the street and can get crowded, but it's nice.

Stay away from Uptown 596 Bistro, I had dinner there a month or two ago and it sucked.

Edited to add, sorry about not seeing the "no seafood" request, I guess our plethora of sushi restaurants is a no-go.

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