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Am I the only person reading this thread who listens to the Penn's Sunday School podcast? That seems really odd to me considering people posting here appear to be fans of Penn & Teller.

I mention this because each season there is a fair amount of discussion about each episode of P&TFU and how the magicians do what they do. Penn & gang don't give things away but there is enough discussion to make it clear to me most of the people in this thread are way off base on a number of the tricks performed so far this season.
I wish I had enough time to listen to every podcast, and watch every show and video out there. There have been so many tricks that have perplexed me over the years that I've forgotten about which I would have loved to know the real story on, but it would be impossible to catch up now.

For me, I joined the site back in 2015 (during the earliest P&T Fool Us thread) after searching online for possible solutions to tricks. This kind of became my annual retreat to return to every new season. It's been fun speculating with others here, both amateur and professional alike, even if we are far off the mark. I have no personal experience (obviously) but I've been interested in magic my whole life and loved those Masked Magician specials back in the day which exposed so many of the old methods. This has almost been like a modern equivalent.


Anyway, I just caught up on the latest episode, so here's my quick write-up.

Season 6, Episode 5 - July 15, 2019

Alyson Hannigan started out the show by pointing out the thing about her wearing the same outfit every episode. I remember people mentioning that on these threads before (I'm guessing there are probably reddit threads devoted to this show too, though I never checked).

Adrian Carratala: Ring around the shoelace (*fooler*). I read the discussion above and agree that the ladder must have played a role somehow (besides being a distraction with the empty box). I thought the breakaway clothing reveal at the end was brilliant showmanship. I like that he purposefully misdirected them and anticipated their folly. (If they had guessed the correct method, it would have been embarrassing.)

Kevin Blake: Cards on rhapsody. Anyone else surprised to hear the rhymes coming out of that guy's mouth? So since the ending was prerecorded, they were both obviously forced cards (or somehow changed form), but how? Is it one of those "heat" signature things? Penn did mention it was a gutsy thing for him to leave the evidence with them.

Ryan Stock & Amberlynn: "Gross" magic. I really enjoyed their performance and am interested in looking up the world records they hold. Penn says that it's "all magic," but I'm not familiar with the methodology here. So it's not actually a deviated septum/sucking milk up and out your nose thing? And did she have some sort of rig attached to her finger or did she really project milk out of her eye? Penn mentioned that he hammered nails up his nose (is that not a real thing either?) and Teller pulled a bean out of his eye (a popular illusion). I'm fascinated by this distinction between carnie/geek stuff and "real" tricks.

Christopher Castellini: Paraplegic mentalist. I could have sworn someone did this trick on the show a couple of years back. So I'm a little confused at the instructions here: the volunteer was supposed to pick a word that had "at least" 6 letters, but it could have been anything between 1-10 letters? Seems pretty straightforward; a doctored book with "unexpected" on every first line. Could the volunteer have possibly picked a different word?

P&T: Indoor street magic demonstration. So this was really an enlightening (and disillusioning) segment for me since I've always wondered about David Blaine, Dynamo and other "man on the street" magic. (Was all the "believe" stuff a direct dig at Criss Angel?) So basically it's all rehearsed and fake and everyone in shot is a stooge? I want my innocence back.