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Originally Posted by Darren Garrison View Post
It is here, if you want to look for it.
I'd got that far originally, then realized I'd no idea what episode it was, and the individual descriptions on the show's wiki page didn't cast any light. This time I just opened all 22 scripts and checked for the word "cricket" until I got a hit. The transcripts are not very detailed, not even to specifying which character is speaking, but this is the scene, with my attempt to fill in specifics:

Manmeet: Hey, Todd, the [costume] party was amazing, man. I talked to the naughty nurse all night on the phone. Then we went outside together, just us.

Todd: Yeah, and?

Manmeet: I think we-- what is considered getting to first base in America?

Todd: Kissing.

Manmeet: Oh, then no. I held her hair while she vomited. ... What's the matter, man?

Todd: Well, I went to get Asha a drink, and then Tonya kissed me.

Manmeet: [gasps] Todd's on first! It's only a matter of time before you get to second base and live happily ever after.

Todd: What do you think second base is?

Manmeet: Getting married.

Todd: Then what's third base and home?

Manmeet: I don't know. Cricket only has two bases.

There was another bit I liked, when Todd is trying to explain Black Friday to the Indians and showing them footage of American shoppers mobbing a retail outlet. I can't recall who was in the scene with him, though:

Todd: People were seriously hurt.

Employee: [unimpressed] Oh.

Todd: It started a riot.

Employee: As riots go, this is rather tame. I see no tear gas, no batons, no one set on fire. I could riot circles around these people.