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When Long Shot was coming out and I saw that it had Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron as a pairing I thought: "This is going to suck."

But the reviews are quite positive. Many of them basically raves.

So ... gave it a chance. And it is in fact a really nice movie.

Classify it as a romance but I wouldn't call it a rom-com. It does have some comedy in it but also some drama. The focus is the romance.

Great cast. (Bob Odenkirk as the President. Andy Serkis as a slimeball billionaire. Alexander Skarsgård as the weirdest Canadian PM ever.) Reasonable story arc. Good dialogue. An a remarkably eclectic soundtrack: Blondie, Moon River, Mozart, Boyz II Men (in person), The Crystals, Big Boi, etc.

There is one major unforgivable sin, however: June Diane Raphael with dark hair. Nooooo!

Give it 3.5 track suits.