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Originally Posted by Gus Gusterson View Post
I've seen this trick done many times. What baffles me is that nobody ever says "There's only one word that long" and nobody ever notices that the same word is also on the first line of the facing page.
The magician has a lot of control and multiple outs.

Maybe on the even numbered pages, it's the first line of the page, but on the facing odd numbered pages, it's the 4th line of the page or something, so it's not obvious. There could be more complicated patterns (page numbers divisible by 3 vs. those divisible by 5 vs. those divisible by 7, etc.) but that's all semantics.

Similarly, if the woman had chosen "2" as her number, he wouldn't have said "choose a word with 2 or more letters". But maybe unexpected is the second number in each of those lines, so if the say "2", he says "What's the second word? And he has other outs for numbers from 1-5.

People think "how did he know she was going to pick 6?" when in reality, whatever number she picks, he isn't obligated to respond the same way because he doesn't tell the volunteer what to do with that number until he knows what the number is.