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Originally Posted by Ellis Dee View Post
I don't mean wider media coverage; I'm thinking mainly of her fellow high school students. I went to high school in the 80s (class of 89), and if anyone in my high school disappeared and was never found, all of the rest of us students would absolutely have had that on our minds. And that concern/worry would have permeated the entire town through us regardless of how popular or not that student was.

For example, one girl in my school died of Leukemia. I never met her, or even saw her to my knowledge, but every single student in my school including me was acutely aware of her.
The story wasn't that she disappeared though, it was that she ran away. And she really didn't have any friends other than Nancy.

And even then, it's a big jump from "A kid went missing" to "There's some vast conspiracy involving our town."