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Mr. Mueller has already stated that won't go "beyond the four corners" of the report. The DOJ "instruction" is just stupid grandstanding.

Can they prevent him for saying what he wants to say? No. But his dedication to a strict and rigid conservative interpretation of the law does constrain him, and he apparently had already concluded that his proper role is to stay within those boundaries.

To him being very true to legalistic protocol is being loyal to his country because that is the system he is patriotic about. He is a law man and to him this is above all else a nation of those laws, and he at least, is not above or outside their authority.

That said there is much he can say that stays within those boundaries, those four corners, that also clarifies much to the public at large, and that disputes the flagrant misrepresentation that Barr, Trump, and their proxies have engaged in.

Will he do that? Will he be asked the right questions in the right way that facilitate him doing that? I am pessimistic myself but it is still very possible.