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Originally Posted by Quercus View Post
Well, my guess is that the cards really were a fair choice; but he manages to read them somehow and get the info to his sound guy. Then, his sound guy just has to look at the hundred and four MP3s that Blake pre-recorded, and play Penn3Hearts.mp3, and TellerJackClubs.mp3 (or whatever the actual cards were; I don't remember).

I'm less sure about how he read the cards; I wonder if there's something in the table than can sense cards, as the chosen cards are held in a particular spot flush against the table for a longish time with no other cards around. The table could then transmit info directly to sound guy. Which makes sense; if Blake himself knew which cards P& T actually had, why not give the rap himself instead of playing the pre-recorded one?

As I'm pretty sure I noted on this forum, it's FAR to coincidental if it's a free choice that those are the exact cards bookending the span he collects elsewhere in the trick. I can't believe it's a free choice.