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Orange is the New Black Final season (spoilers)

I just watched the last episode. Not gonna lie. I cried.

I thought this season was actually pretty good, considering the disappointing previous season.

Things I liked:

Suzanne finally finding her niche. It didn't really hit me until the last episode (when Taystee expressed that she was proud of her) how far she had come from her "Crazy Eyes" days.

Caputo having his come-to-Jesus moment about how much of a creep he was.

Fig finally revealing herself to be a halfway decent person, starting with her mentoring of Tamika.

The Latina ladies helping the ICE detainees brought tears to my eyes.

The humanity of Pennsatuckey and how her death transformed Taystee.

No more Badison.

There were other things I liked and some things I didn't (I was tired of the Piper drama by the middle of the first episode).What do ya'll think?

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