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There's this one for a car with a back up warning feature. (You can see what a good commercial it is, because I can't remember what brand of car it is for!) If I could remember what car I might be able to find it on line.

Anyway, it has a cute young dad playing with his cute preschool daughter, and she's "driving" around the kitchen, and almost backs into the garbage can. Fortunately, mom's back up warning feature (her hand) prevents this horrible fiery collision from happening and then mom gives dad this "I am killing you with my eyes!" look. What the hell is she all het up about? She really pisses me off. I guess I've known too many people like her.

To make it a bit redeemed, the father gives this hilarious reaction look back.

But then, later the (object of the commercial) family car's back up warning feature prevents dad from backing into the outside garbage can. What a doofus! We are saved again! Happy day. Everybody laugh!

Man I hate this commercial. And they show it five times at least in every Damondback's game.

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