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Originally Posted by enipla View Post
I've tried those, but I don't really consider it a 'real' White Castle burger.
I would say they're fairly close, or as close as a frozen hamburger can come to its freshly made counterpart. (The reason mainly being because White Castles are "steam griddled" so the microwaving actually does a reasonable approximation of steaming them. It depends, though, on your microwave and timing. I've sometimes had the edge of a bun come out hard instead of steamy soft because I overcooked it in an unfamiliar microwave oven.)

And 6 for $6 is about right. I think the regular slider is something like $0.80 and a cheesburger $1 around here. I'd have to double check, but they're close to a buck a piece. (Looke like $0.79 and $.95 according to Doordash.) So that's not a bad price on a convenient frozen product.

It's weird to me to think they have any sort of "hype," as they're just kind of seen as after-drinking alcohol absorption food items around here. I only kid a little bit. I love the damned things, and always have. And it's not just a matter of growing up with them. My parents, Polish-born, enjoy them and introduced me to them, and when I had my Hungarian girlfriend visit me in the States a couple decades ago, she fell in love with them, too. They are a niche style of hamburger that not everyone is going to like, but they really shouldn't be compared to a griddled quarter pounder or grilled pub burger. They are their own thing. You can compare them to Krystal if you want (WC is without question better, IMHO), or one of a myriad New Jersey sliders joints, but, make no mistake, "sliders" are not just mini hamburgers--they need to be cooked on a bed of onions, and the bun needs to steam with it as part of the cooking process. A slider is not just any mini-burger, at least not to me.

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