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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
I think a public health care system is doable. Most countries already have one. It's something that would benefit most people and would cost less than our current system so it's hard to build up opposition to it (although special interests have done their best).
Yeah but in Connecticut they considered health reform, including a public option. Cigna threatened them so the democrats folded like a cheap suit.

If cobalt blue Connecticut can't pass a public option, I don't personally think it would pass on the national level.

The 'problem' with a public option is that due to lower reimbursement and lower overhead, private insurance can't compete with it. So private insurance hates the idea. But also so do hospitals and physician groups, because of the lower reimbursement levels.

The American Hospital Association says a public option will cost hospitals $800 billion over a decade. Seeing how a lot of hospitals are already struggling, they are going to oppose it with everything they have.

American health care is wildly overpriced though, so something has to be done to reduce costs.

Washington state recently passed a public option, but they passed one which had reimbursement rates of 160% of medicare. Which kind of defeats the purpose, since that won't save consumers much money on health care. I guess my point is that we won't get a public health care system unless reimbursement rates are radically increased so that it is less competitive with private insurance and less threatening to the hospital industry.

My view is that if the west coast and northeast states won't pass health reform XYZ, then I doubt the national government would pass it either, since the national government is more conservative than those states. Democrats on the national level don't lead, they follow. They wait for blue states or ballot initiatives to pass in several states, then they consider doing it on the federal level.
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