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There’s nothing that says Pay rates have to be the same as they currently are for Medicare. Remember, health care won’t be free we’ll be paying for it with higher taxes. So pricing and contributions can be whatever we want. It could be easier at a national level than a state level, with so many more paying for it and so many more people coming up with the solution.

Also I can’t imagine the amounts doctors and hospitals have to write off each year from patients who can’t or don’t pay. Or negotiate down. If everyone who walked in the door was a guaranteed paying customer wouldn’t that be beneficial to the providers?

If providers are happy with the amount they make now, all that needs to happen is to set the pricing that gives them what they want at a cost that doesn’t include the billions in overhead from the insurance industry.

It’s a complicated issue but nothing that can’t make patients and providers happy if done right.

Anyway aside from health care I think clean energy manufacturing and use solutions are very doable. I think people are waking up to coal going away and climate change being real.