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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
It takes training to see farmland?

Well, I suppose so, since much of that farmland is sitting idle collecting subsidies, it would take a trained eye to see the cash flowing from the taxpayer pocket rather than just an empty field.

Why is it just immigrants? I live in a quickly developing area, and the developers see farm fields and think why not slap 100,000 people on to it, they do not care if they are immigrant or native born.

The same place that the last few hundred million people found jobs that didn't exist a few decades back. More people is more productivity and it is more demand. More people is a better economy.

But, as long as you are asking, I'll take a few.

What other countries are you worried about, and how far are we from that? We started at 4.5 people in a square mile, now we are pushing 90 per. What is the maximum crowding that you think that we can handle?

Keep in mind that most of these people are moving to where there are already people. The empty places are empty for good reason, no one wants to live there. So those empty places, those farms that you are so concerned about, those wide open empty fields, they are in no danger from immigration.
Itís more productivity if the people coming are productive. Why arenít they productive where they are and should there be some controls or is de-facto open borders the goal?

And at some point density, especially in highly desirable areas does become too great.