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Originally Posted by Go_Arachnid_Laser View Post
I'm sorry, but you're being dishonest here. Sure, plenty of rap songs have vocal percussion... but not all of them. Just some. And no element needs to come specifically from Joyful Noise... just be common between the two songs.

Whether that was raised during the trial or not, I don't know. As far as I know what was said during the trial is not public.
How am I being dishonest? What I'm saying is that vocal percussion is a common element in rap songs (and plenty of other modern pop), and this means the fact that it appears in both Joyful Noise and Dark Horse does not indicate that the latter copied the former. All it means is that it's a common element of rap, just like trumpets are a common element of mariachi. If two mariachi songs had identical trumpet flourishes in otherwise unrelated songs, we wouldn't take that to be one copying the other. We'd just take that to be mariachi bands doing what mariachi bands do. There are only so many trumpet flourishes that will fit in a given song, and sometimes it's going to be the same one as in another song.

And of course it must come specifically from Joyful Noise in order to be Dark Horse to be copying Joyful Noise. What do you even mean by this? Dark Horse could have taken the common elements between it and Joyful Noise from a third source, and it would still be copying Joyful Noise? That's just a bizarre thing to say.