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I appreciate the info.

The movie was OK, and although many of the "Human Drama" elements were pretty overwraught (the scene towards the end where the main protagonist was making love to his wife while in his mind flashing back to the bloody carnage he had visited on others earlier, complete with a pained, tortured look of agony on his face, was as hackey and cliche as anything I have ever seen in a major motion picture, truly Jr. High School drama class level stuff, acting Steven Seagal would have been ashamed of) the plot was gripping, all the more so because it was based on actual events.

I have never been the biggest fan of "Spy" genre books or movies, but when they are done well, and especially when they are factually based, they can be both informative and entertaining.

I was in Munich a few weeks ago, and saw a concert at the Olympic complex where the title events took place, and while I obviously knew a little background about the terrorism at the 1972 Olympic Games there, I wish I would have watched the movie before my visit, maybe it would have informed my time there and made it a little more meaningful.

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