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Gods of Egypt. 15/37. I don't particularly care about cultural appropriation or whitewashing. It's cheesy, escapist fun, with beautiful visual effects.

The Keanu Reeves version of 47 Ronin. 15/48.

Yes, I know, they took liberties with the historical facts. But you know what? The historical facts are few and far between. Most of what we think we know about the ronin, was written by poets, and dramatists, and people with social and political axes to grind. It has always been more myth than history. When the film-makers throw in supernatural monsters, in a twisted way, they are being more honest than most storytellers. And the supernatural elements fit in nicely with old folktales.

I don't know if heterochromatic eyes are a thing in Japanese lore, but shapeshifting foxes definitely are. The portrayal of the Tengu---living in a monastery, protecting orphans, teaching them martial arts---was quite faithful to the old folktales. The physical appearance of the Tengu was a bit strange, but down through the centuries, Japanese artists have depicted them far stranger.