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Originally Posted by Alpha Twit View Post

And just remember - keep your XXXX in a vice.
Ya know, I always thought he meant that literally. However, anyone who watches regularly knows that when chickadee is in the room, he doesn't use any bad language, and he'll often have say the 'keep your dick in a vice' line, but it's slightly modified to 'keep your Richard in a bad habit'. Makes a lot more sense.

Anyways, since this got bumped, I'll add a few more. Let's start with Frog Leap Studios and Ten Second Songs. They both do amazing cover songs. Frog Leap does metal versions of well known songs (I'm not a metal guy, at all, but he's really good), Ten Second Songs does all kinds of songs in all kinds of styles. They're both very worth listening too.

If I didn't mention it before, go find Tommy Edison. It's all life as a blind person, but he's got a really good sense of humor (and laughs at his own jokes) so it's pretty light and fun to watch.

Next there's Vinheteiro. He plays (mostly) classical music on the piano, but like the others I mentioned, it's very good. I like to just sort of zone out and watch him play, though the way he mugs the camera the entire time can be a bit unnerving.

Lastly, there's the Slow Mo Guys. Kinda self explanatory.