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Originally Posted by scr4 View Post

I could turn around and ask, how are you planning to do all that in microgravity & vacuum?
Same question should have been asked before we started mining in the first place on Earth. We didn't know how to smelt ores, we had to learn and develop techniques.

If you are asking a poster on a messageboard for a detailed dissertation on exactly what technologies will be used in what way, and what will be developed and how to develop it, you are not framing things in a serious way.

It may be a challenge, but I see no reason why it is intrinsically harder to do it in a vacuum or microgravity, in fact, I can see a number of reasons why not having to worry about weight or insulation or contamination from or of the outside environment would make it easier.

So, I guess what would make the most sense would be to turn around and ask you why you do not believe that we can develop these technologies? What is it about micro gravity or vacuum that would prevent us from being able to smelt or refine ores?