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Originally Posted by muldoonthief View Post
And it looks like next season is set in the future, just dystopian instead of apocalyptic.
Not sure where you got that. It was pretty clearly set up to be in the past, what with the Empire State Building under construction, and Daisy's crack about Prohibition.

Wasn't loving this season until "Inescapable", but it took a big upturn from there. I do wish the Izel and Sarge thing got a bit better of a resolution. After building up the idea that there was still some Coulson in him, that got discarded fast once he hit the temple. Part of it was also that Izel was a bit of a dud as an antagonist. I don't know if a better actress could have made something more memorable, but she was no Ada, or Ward, or Talbot, or Cal, or Whitehall.... Even Ruby was more interesting, and I didn't really think much of her at the time.

But other than that, both parts of the finale were badass, and I loved seeing endearing Deke rather than goofy for goofy's sake Deke. I don't think his character was handled very well earlier in the season, but that rant before he jumped away with the "Shaw Drive" was perfect.