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Originally Posted by jackdavinci View Post
Going with the size trend...

The episode of Buffy where the fear demon turns out to be itsy bitsy.

The bit from various incarnations of Hitchhikers Guide wherein some careless word (Belgium!) uttered by a human makes its way through some spatial anomaly at just the right moment to start a war. The aliens eventually figure it out and come to attack Earth in a campaign for revenge, only for the entire fleet, not anticipating issues of scale, to be swallowed by a dog.
I thought Arthur said something more along the lines of Im going to have to rethink my lifestyle.

Belgium was the word that a woman at the flying cocktail party used egregiously in a screenplay, winning an award (which turned out to be part of the key to the dimensional spacetime prison in which the genocidally xenophobic inhabitants of Krikkit had been cooling their heels for the last few millennia).