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One reason could be that Spanish food is very good. Another is Spain is very locally culture orientated and they like their regional foods as part of their heritage. People are not so much from Spain but from their region of Spain, and that's what they are proud of.
We're proud of our food in a "please don't rape our recipes" kind of way (Madrid is particularly famous for doing things to other people's recipes that should carry penalty of garrote vil), but any of us who likes food at all is perfectly happy to have other region's specialties and to let anybody who asks know which are those.

One of those idiots who think that they can cause trouble by Just Asking specific Questions once asked The Basque Team which of the four Basque capitals had the best food. Looks of intense confusion, then a slew of questions: "why are you only counting four? They're seven", "do we have to limit ourselves to the capitals?", "does anybody know which town is having a Week of Veggies or a Week of Pinchos or a Week of Whatever this week?", followed by each of us telling each of the other six (all from different towns) places in their town that we'd liked. For example, the girl from Vitoria wasn't telling us places she liked in Vitoria: the rest of us were telling her about places we'd liked there and she'd ask if we'd tried this or that specialty (not of Vitoria: of that bar). I've had similar experiences with other people, minus the JAQass.
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