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Drug violations:

In "The Adhesive Duck Deficiency" Leonard, Raj and Howard eat some "enchanced" cookies. Illegal in CA at the time. While being unware that they were ingesting drugs might factor into a trial, a real hard nosed DA could still make their lives difficult. And Raj could be deported.

While buzzed, they get the munchies and Howard outlines an attack on a group of scouts to steal their food. While they didn't actually do it, planning such a crime is a crime. Esp. with big doughy scout masters, couple cubs, mostly Webelos as their intended vics.

In The Plimpton Stimulation" Leonard says he didn't get much sleep (due to Dr. Plimpton). Howard offers Leonard some of his mom's sleeping pills. In passing he mentions that she doesn't know she takes them. Not the only time Howard reveals that he secretly drugs his mom. The first action is a lesser crime. Secretly drugging someone on a regular basis with sleeping pills? That's serious time.

In "The Bad Fish Paradigm" Howard secretly puts Valium in Sheldon's milk.

Howard's a jerk, if you get right down to it.

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