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Originally Posted by XT View Post
I doubt you are alone in that, as there are a lot of 'dopers who think space is a waste of time and resources wrt human exploration and colonization. But I think you are wrong in that we could build fully self sufficient colonies in space. They wouldn't initially be so, just as the early colonization of the new world still required quite a bit of goods, especially manufactured goods, to be shipped in.
The New World already had people living in it. The colonies absolutely did not need continued support from the Old World to sustain human life; they needed support to sustain a strategic presence for European powers that were rivals with one another. People could, and did, adapt to self-sustaining lifestyles in the Americas immediately.

But whether we are talking about spinning tin cans or colonies on other moons or planets, there is nothing stopping them from eventually being self sufficient once they reach some kind of critical mass wrt population and infrastructure.
The fact they cannot grow food is a significant barrier.
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