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For me, never; in Spain we do get the occasional sandwich which has a fried egg or some chopped-up hard-boiled egg as one of its ingredients but they're multi-ingredient and not stuff you'd make at home. It's either some sort of "burger with fried egg in case you didn't have enough cholesterol" (often called Obelix; this bar offers it as "to share between four people", link in Spanish) or some variation on a club sandwich.

My "host mother" in Ireland (1983) couldn't cook worth shite; the lunches she could provide were hard-boiled egg sandwiches. That's white bread, cut-up boiled egg, white bread. Most of my classmates had host mothers with better cooking skills; the majority also got sandwiches but at least there was more than one thing in between the two slices of white bread and the contents varied from day to day.

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