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Originally Posted by k9bfriender View Post
We do not just criminalize killing people while drunk, we also criminalize driving while drunk. If you are pulled over, and you are over .08 (in most states), then you get a criminal charge, even if you had not yet had an accident.

As a person with a gun only becomes a criminal once they have used their gun in commission of a crime, your analogy to DUI falls completely apart.
Not only that - IIRC, many states have statutes that depending on the circumstances, can hold people/bars etc liable of they served alcohol to someone that subsequently caused injury or death.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: We don't need to ban guns. Every gun should be registered and licensed. Every gun should have about a 40% federal and state sales tax. You pay an annual registration fee for every gun you own, you have to sign over the registration of the gun if you sell it. You have to pass a written and practical test to get a gun, have to have your picture taken and maybe fingerprinted, the license has to be renewed every few years. If the gun ends up used in a crime by someone other than the registered owner, the registered owner can be held liable unless they've reported the gun missing...and if you lose a gun or otherwise don't follow gun ownership regulations, your license can be suspended or revoked.

The govt can start buying back guns for people that don't want to pay the annual registration fee. Gun owners will be required to take out gun owner insurance. Insurance companies should raise premiums for gun owners and/or offer discounts to non-gun owners that have security systems. Guns with special safety features can have lower insurance rates.

Background checks, mandatory waiting periods, home inspections.

None of these proposals involve banning guns. I am confident they would lead to reduced gun deaths over time.
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