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I was watching "The Predator" last weekend, very stupid movie but I had fun and thats all that matters. Anyway, the music playing over the end credits was a version of "Long tall Sally", a nice little nod to the scene in the original where that song was playing in the chopper at the start of the film.

Listening to the words of the song something finally clicked for me! Near the end of the original film Bill Dukes character is chasing the predator through the jungle and as he runs he keeps breathlessly mumbling, "gonna have me some fun, gonna have me some fun".

I always thought it was just some random thing, talking gibberish in his adrenaline fuelled anger, now 20 years later I realise for the first time that he is singing words from the song they were listening to at the start. Bill Duke has had "Long Tall Sally" as an earworm in his head ever since they got into the jungle!