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Originally Posted by terentii View Post
I remember him calmly sipping coffee from a styrofoam cup after being stabbed in the gut in one episode, but no other instance of him refueling himself.

I'll bet he was never shown recharging his cell phone either. The battery in mine would be dead long before the Sun came up.

He was always using it to communicate with Chloe while driving from point A to point B, so he would have needed at least three hands to do that and pee into a Mountain Dew can at the same time.

Talk about bad ass! My bladder would burst if I tried holding it in for 24 hours, even if I did drink only one cup of coffee in the early evening.
There's an actual video that is clips of everyone eating and drinking on 24. The scene I remember is here. I only noticed it when I first watched it because it looks like a Banquet frozen dinner, one that I have eaten in the past (and since, I guess).