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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
When a timeline has anything big and important removed from it and not replaced, <mumble mumble> and that would be bad.

Thanos himself was big and important, and he was already removed from at least one timeline and not replaced. So what would it matter if Stones were also removed from that timeline and not replaced?
multiple timelines - when thanos removed himself, that timeline never had infinity war/endgame - so it was a net good.

Remove the timestone from that particular point - that timeline goes south in a bad, bad way.

Loki manages to steal the space stone and escape - new timeline (and a new series to watch).

Anytime something is removed, there is a branch - put it back, there is still a branch, but the second timeline is functionally unchanged from the primary.

THe question is - what fucking branch are we on at this point? were there always 2 Caps in 'our' version of reality?

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