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So so so many great observations here so far that really hit the bulls-eye.

The one with people leaving house doors open ( usually in silly sit-coms ) was one I noticed from an early age. I had to control my urge to exhort to the characters "Close the door!". At an early age, we were encouraged to come in/go out and not leave the front door open any longer than necessary. "Shut the damn door! Are we heating up Westchester county? What do you think we are...Con Ed!!??"

Another one that drove me nuts is earlier movies/TV/sitcoms back when it was all land-line phones, especially the dail type phones that literally had a little ringing bell inside them ( not electronic ). A character would be in a house for example, be doing something else either alone, or talking with others; and the phone rings....and rings...and rings. The phone would ring nearly a dozen times before the character seemed to even address the fact the phone is ringing. He'd then very slowly and leisurely make his way to the phone, often pausing his steps to continue whatever conversation he was having, and then, after what must be 36 rings, casually picks up the phone. I always wanted to belt the guy for being so infuriatingly relaxed and inconsiderate.

Nobody, but nobody, but NO-BOD-Y would ring that long without giving up.