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It depends on who's doing the talking. Some DJs, particularly on the classic rock channels, have interesting tidbits to share; others prattle on and on and on with mindless chatter. It doesn't bother me that much; there are plenty of other channels available.

Regarding sound quality, I'm generally happy with it, but there are instances where certain channels will noticeably tweak the speed or bass, often to the point that the song is unlistenable.

Originally Posted by kenobi 65 View Post
I can't listen to 60s on 6 when "Cousin Brucie" is DJing, because he talks and talks, and has listeners call in.
And he leaves his banner up for the entire show, even when music is playing, so you have to keep listening to him in hopes he'll at least say the name of the artist without rambling about some vaguely related artist or event. As mentioned upthread, Cousin Brucie fans probably love this though.

Originally Posted by Jasmine View Post
With Amazon Prime music or Pandora available, I can't understand why anyone would pay for Sirius.
In my case, I would have to upgrade two car stereos in order to stream from my phone (or some other Bluetooth device). I typically don't worry about equipment upgrades until something breaks...heck, I'm still using a 5th generation iPod in one vehicle.