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Originally Posted by Annie-Xmas View Post
Wrong facts and mispronunciations. In this Internet Age, that is inexcusable.

Bernie Mac, looking at a phone number "201? What's she doing in Atlantic City?"

21 Jump St character: I grew up in mun-au-chee, New Jersey.

Atlantic City's area code is 609, and Moonachie, NJ is pronounced MOON-au-kee.
Is there a reason why the Bernie Mac character should know that? He's based out of Chicago, and while the character has probably played AC, it doesn't necessarily be familiar with its area code. Since my daughter moved to Buffalo, I'm there often yet I couldn't tell you the area code (especially because she kept her cell number from when she was here in Queens).

As for pronouncing native American place names, I've heard different lifelong residents pronounce the same place differently from my years on Long Island. It could be a little grating at times, but I learned not to assume that the way I thought someplace should be pronounced is the right way to pronounce it (and let's not start on the proper pronunciation of Nebraska).
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