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Overall, I thought this was pretty damn great, but there's one thing I think they fumbled: the whole Compound V-conspiracy. So, the CIA has no inkling at all, but somehow, Starlight's parents knew it was an option to get her suped up? So, are all parents of Supes in on it, and nobody's ever spilled anything?

I mean, the origin of Supes has got to be the most well-studied thing in this universe, both from a scientific as well as an intelligence angle. I doubt the spooks would just run with the 'chosen by god'-angle. Yet, nobody ever suspects anything regarding the corporation that apparently makes all of its money with Supe marketing, but still somehow some parents just know that you can call up Vought and they'll supe up your kid?

That kinda took me out of this. Still, overall, that's a fairly minor complaint.

Oh, and one even smaller complaint: what was up with Homelander's blanket? Why was it apparently included with the material shipped out to shoot his fake childhood reminiscence, if it wasn't to be used?

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