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Originally Posted by eunoia View Post
Seconding already mentioned (# of IMDb ratings-r):

L'Argent (1983) Robert Bresson (7200r) - masterpiece, everything Bresson, really.
Fear of a Black Hat (1993) Rusty Cundieff (3700r) - I liked this better than This Is Spinal Tap, managing to both out-love and out-skewer the subjects.
Black Robe (1991) Bruce Beresford (6000r) - an Australian sets North Americans straight on a lot of history
Ridicule (1996) Patrice Leconte (6800r) - well worth all the ongoing work into perfecting the English subtitles
Tampopo (1985) Itami Jūzō (13,600r) - over 10K IMDb ratings, but still nowhere near enough. A cinephiles 2-hour Japanese vacation!
everything Aki Kaurismäki - starting to be better known, film buffs are in the seats opening day

I didn't get far with my own suggestions, noticing early in my list that the two full feature films French actor Jean-Louis Trintignant directed combine for fewer than 500 IMDb ratings. A few more before I start drinking:
Zama (2017) Lucrecia Martel (4200r)
Les convoyeurs attendent (1999) Benoīt Mariage (1200r) and Au poste! (2018) Quentin Dupieux (2100r) Biased about these, but Benoīt Poelvoorde is the greatest actor.
Prince of Broadway (2008) Sean Baker (386r) I understand if there's little money or talent behind translating gems from other cultures, but this is 100% American!
I don't think Bresson ever made a bad movie.. I like Kaurismaki, too, and I especially love "Shadows in Paradise" and anything with Pellonnpaa and either Kaurismaki (but prefer Aki)